Northwest Photography
Jon Robinson

Travel Photography
While as we all travel around this big blue marble,it's nice to collect images of things that are new and bright..Beyond the norm,we have to be alert for great pics while traveling..In the most unexpected and the tourist types also..As far as finding those Iconic images you see on postcards and calenders..When you go into a place such as Bryce canyon or Arches in Utah, go to the souvenir shops to see the prints of the area..There you can save a lot of time to find places to shoot the big ones ! Just a hint..Plus if you prepare adventures along your trip, it can make  it very rewarding..You can say.."Yo dude,I took that photo ! "....In travel Photography Attack with passion..And remember "Shoot first,ask questions latter ! "  

Move along

A Winters Walk

Watching the Snowfall


Night walk

The Golden Gate Bridge

Deception Pass

Sunset Sail

Golden Gate                


San Francisco
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