Northwest Photography
Jon Robinson

Spontaneous Moments


These are moments that are not planed or arranged.Just keep my mind opened and have a camera at hand..Not to look to the obvious all the time..Take a deep breath,,and slowly look around..The lighting,Colors and how they interact..In your composition, get rid of distractions..Not to always center the subject,it stands on it's own..Over or under exposing the image can give it a deferment edge in some cases..Explore,make mistakes ! learn that there are all kinds of subject's to record in different ways,it's only up to your imagination :)

The Purgala


Lost in the fog


Moon Valley

Unknown Destiny

The Nature of Music

Colors of Nature

Grandma Harley


Wind Surfing on the San Francisco Bay

A Crack in the Fabric of Time

Take only pictures leave only Footprints

Bubble Gum Wall
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