Northwest Photography
Jon Robinson

Seattle Scenes

Seattle one the best skylines in America..With it's mountains and waters adding contrast and perspectives..Living here for the last 25 years I have Collected a variety of Seattle views And recording it at it's best..I have these at a lower rez as they are main photos that I sell at the pike place market..There are parts of the area I go to during the time I have..I have more then this web-site can bare..To get sunrises and sets..Sometimes you have to get up be for the sun rises,others wait and wait for just that right light.As the sun sets here the best is yet to come..The pacific acts as a big mirror,reflecting the light into the upper atmosphere,While illuminating our sky's with after glow..Tripod,long shutter speeds,low ASA...self timer to reduce vibrations..All these Seattle's are different part of my life,with different cameras I collected over time.So if you picked a pic,I could tell the story of what led up to get it..Some are funnier then others..To get images of places you go to,find postcards with info on where it is ,map it out and hope to get a good time of day.Take photos of you and friends but always remember to get that one image that will last your life,with stories 

The Night of the Two Moons

Olympic's with Seattle

Daytime Seattle

Rose's Moon

Frasier's View

The 12th Man

Rainy Daze

Lake Union

Full Moon Over the Space Needle

Lake Union Sunset

Beacon Hill

Seattle Twilight
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