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Jon Robinson

NASA Space Progam

With the Shuttle program winding down,we are paying more attention to it as we did in the beginning..Even with the cut backs,the quest for space is still alive with the Constellation project..This has different sections that make up the next space vehicle..The rocket is called "Ares" which has 3 versions so far,all use solid propellant...Payload is the "Orion crew module",which this passed month was taken  Lockheed/Martin's Denver facilities for rigorous test..All this development is getting us ready for the next phase of human space transport..Only one big block in the way..Gov. cut backs..NASA is not getting anything for the projected flights,only R/D..
NASA gets 1/4 of 1 cent of every tax dollar..Of all the money wasted on wars
,we could on had a moon base,and cut the deficit..Here's some link's to keep track of there progress..

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