Northwest Photography
Jon Robinson

Mountains Northwest

North America has some of the most assessable trails and roads that can place you well in the mist of the upper atmosphere..Where the views are breath taking..Putting you in a world that few see..Making a hike to a ridge,,just to find other ridge,..Each one sharing a vast panoramic view of mountain ranges..Planing and equipment are very important for photographing while hiking..Safety first! Always know what is around you..Tripods can get heavy,so I like light weight bean bags to steady a camera..At daylight you can use low asa to get fine detail..pace yourself,and when you found a great spot..Check your settings and line up the subject..Shooting from a plane can get amazing wide angle views..Just find one that has a pop up window,or just clean it if you can't open it..No helicopters,they can't get high enough and can have to much vibrations..The mountains can give great pan views ,which by taking a series of images from left to right..Then putting them together latter,can make for a fabulous sofa photograph..  


Areal View of Rainier

Moon over Rainier

The Grand Tetons

Mt.Rainier Reflections


Moon Over Mount Rainier

Moon Valley

Mt. Baker with the Space Needle..100miles between


Mt. Rainier with Boats

The North side of Mt.Baker


The East side of Mt.Rainier

Mount St. Helen

Mt. Rainier Ariel View

Mt. Baker with Lake

Glacier Mt. waterfalls 

Grand Teton Reflection

Tetons peak

St. Mary's Lake at Glacier


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