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Rick Hendrick and I at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards

Greetings! My name is Jon Robinson. I’ve been around cameras most of my life. I have always loved to take pictures. My parents actually have a picture of me using a camera when I was just four years old. Many members of my family have been professional photographers or have shared a love for photography. So much so, that we have always maintained a darkroom in our home. I still do even to this date.


My father was a photographer for a Chicago newspaper and my mother worked for Polaroid in the early days of the land camera. My grandfather was a portrait photographer while my grandmother was always busy catching every moment she could of our family life.


I come from a large family of eight siblings. So with everyone having a camera, I could always get my hands on one. My older brothers used to try to scare me in the darkroom, as I seemed to spend a lot of time there. As a teenager I was always interested in capturing my friends and nice cars as a hobby.


In my first year of high school I was very eager to take photography 101. I was blessed to have a great teacher who made learning history and the basics very interesting. Again I found the advantage of a darkroom, only this time, in a first class learning environment. The main lesson from high school was to capture the scenes that interested me most, and to not let technical knowledge suppress my creativity.


Light is very important to photography and was a major interest to me in high school. At sixteen years old I started LOKI stage productions and worked for several music bands in the local St. Louis, Missouri area. Lighting and special effects were my specialty. Capturing those scenes was difficult in that technological era, especially when I had to run the show.

Before attending college, I spent most of my time working for a successful area band known as Caliber. Then I was able to really express my creativity in directing the scenes. Light, sound, and photography became the areas of potential in which I was to evolve in. I was blessed with the support of family and friends to attend Southern Illinois University in order to pursue my education in these fields of study.

After college I got my first job with a professional photo lab in Dallas, Texas. I spent that summer processing roll film before I decided to move to Huntington Beach, California. I spent the winter there as a freelance photographer exploring the area and collecting photo shots all along the way.

From there I found my way to Seattle, Washington. My brothers lived there and convinced me that Seattle was a great place to be a photographer. I was astonished at the wide variety of scenes of the ocean, mountains, and tourist attractions. I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it and to capture it all on film. 

 After years of cultivating my business, I was able to get into event photography. Taking pictures at private events.
Soon I was shooting for famous people, looking a photographer who would not leak or sell the picture to the public.
And who would not disturb the guest by asking for autographs. This how I get in to secured areas to shoot at will. Gaining their trust, I was able to get more work by word of mouth on this basis, dramatic angles, telephoto compressed shots, magic moments that wowed my employers.

 I also sell these images here on this site to people looking for framed art for hotels, restaurants, privet estates. Also for advertising, websites.

To this day, I spend my time exploring “The Great Northwest”. Taking photographs, working for my photo business, and gathering the needs of my customers. After all, it is my customer’s needs which drive my business. It is also my customers who help to create my motto: “My best picture is yet to come”. This means that I know there is always going to be a place and time where the mood of nature is just right, to supply the light, colors, and textures of appealing scenery, and I will be there to capture it.


Best regards,

Jon Robinson

Again, Thanks for coming to my site. The most important part, I couldn't do all this without the support of my wife Rose and my three great kids, Gabriel, Nikki, and Christopher.They inspire me to be my best. Photography comes from the heart, you can feel it.You just have to slow down to see the world around you. As always, We thank the powers above for the chance to have Life, Love and being able to record it -Jon



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