Northwest Photography
Jon Robinson


Lighthouses span the coastlines on both sides of America.Some of the oldest are on the Atlantic seaboard and the gulf of Mexico..However the west coast has the sunsets which make a lighthouse photograph seem more magical.. At times we may be bound by schedules,others,weather and so on..So taking photographs of Lighthouses takes planing and perseverance..Look for all the possible angles..Some can be harder to get to..Look for the long ways up,as to see views you may not get from lower elevation.As I've said in the passed,use high fstops,50 asa, w/ long shutter speeds to get fine detail.... Study weather and how it works,can help in planing for that Great Lighthouse photograph..

Boco Grande

Hecta Head,Oregon

Fort Casy,Whidbie Isand,Wa

Alki  West Seattle


Pt.Robinson    Vashion Island,Wa

Northhead  Long Beach,Wa


Heceta Head


Yaquina, North Oregon Coast

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