Northwest Photography
Jon Robinson


Cars in this section are mostly customized by my parents..They have been at it for as long as I remember....It is a never ending story..As of right now there are 3-4 cars in the works..Most are 1930s Coups,Sedans,Rods..Last I saw was a Corvett also..The other images are of cars at the Frog Follies in Ind..A yearly event..The red 4-Runner is what I shred it with..Mud,snow what ever it take to get me to THAT shot..Shooting cars,you need a good tripod..Stop the lens down,focus on emblems,centering is crucial..From bumper to bumper..Leaving just a tad of background outside the edges..On multiple  cars that are stacked up,find a place as to get some of left and some of the right,Play with it..Get low to the subject,close works sometimes..As always Keep shooting!!!!

Bella's Truck
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